Our Vision and Motive

It’s been undeniable that Sexual Harassment became an everyday challenge for Egyptians.

We believe that awareness about the topic and providing the means for people to help themselves, is the key solution towards taking and action against this crime. We dream of a day when sexual harassment rates drop drastically, because there are actions taken towards awareness regarding both the damages behind the issue to individuals and society and the punishment for those who do not abide by the law.

StreetPal® is co-founded and co-developed by Smart Civic Solutions and Indeves companies

Smart Civic Solutions

Smart Civic Solutions is a social entrepreneurship start up established in Egypt in 2017. We feel the responsibility to take action and develop high end solutions to help our community overcome everyday challenges. Our first app is StreetPal, but it won’t be the last!


INDEVES innovation for developments is a software development and services company. Seeking to push smart solutions and internet of things industries to their limits. We provide a wide range of solutions matching various clients’ needs and create high quality products focusing on getting the most out of technology to make our life easier.