Shows you the way

Guides you to the nearest police station or hospital in case you want to file a report or you need medical assistance.

Notify your trusted contacts

Street Pal gives you the option to notify your trusted contact if you are in danger and when you are safe.

Step-by-Step help

Street Pal reminds you, step by step, about what to do to be safe in the situation or when you go to the police.

More help

Street Pal enables you to connect to our partners who will provide you with legal and psychological help.

How it works

StreetPal® Guides

Get yourself educated about your rights, either from our library or our website rights page.

By this, you can make sure that you know your rights and know what to do, even if your mobile is dead or not with you at the moment of danger.

StreetPal® map guide

Open StreetPal® whenever you feel threatened, StreetPal® will guide you through the process whether you are willing to file a police report against your harasser or you just want to know what you can do in the situation till you are safe and sound.

Sign up and add your trusted Contact

Sign up on StreetPal® app, add your trusted contact who will be notified if you need help and when you are safe.

Download StreetPal®

StreetPal® is available now on play store, you can get it now.

Know your rights

StreetPal®guide enables you to access our static guide to get educated about your rights in detail, so you can be ready even if you don't have your mobile. If you need more interactive help, we recommend that you use StreetPal® Chat.

Your feedback

StreetPal® is always there for you.

We are happy to help, and we listen to your comments, complaints and suggestions all the time.